Rain Tian

Rain Tian

Innowen Nonwoven Innovation Works

With more than 20 years working experience in the leading multinational companies (Fibervision, Dupont and PGI), Rain has been holding many different positions like marketing manager for China, marketing director for Asia, brand manager for Lycra, VP of global hygiene, VP of global account. Rain has been living and working in both China and US for many years, he has been focusing nonwoven industry all the time. With those experience and exposure, he has deep understanding for different nonwoven technology &application, which make him have a special, overall viewpoint for both China and international market.


Design Hygiene Nonwoven from Consumer Perception

Monday, October 10, 2016 - 14:00

Every year, there are thousands of new hygiene products being launched in the market place. Some are successful, some are failed. Many times the development projects failed because the consumer is not able to perceive the value of the new product originally the R&D team expect them to tell.

To make the hygiene product innovation more effective and more consumer perceivable, Rain shares a model to bridge the consumer perception with hygiene nonwoven innovation, which creates some directional guidance for the nonwoven development work.