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DENG Weitian

Foshan Nanhai Beautiful Nonwoven Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Deng Weitian has worked at nonwoven industry since 1993. He established Wonderful Nonwovens, Beautiful Nonwovens and Plus Medical Co.,Ltd successively. The main products of the companies are widly applied to Hygienic, Medical and Industrial field. Mr Deng has a unique insight of the products particularly in Hygienic nonwoven. He developed silkysoft nonwoven, elastic nonwoven etc. these two years. And give the solution to the hygienic products.


Disruptive Innovation in Nonwovens Industry – Catering for the New Demands of Hygiene Market

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - 09:30

1.    Introduction of Beautiful Nonwovens;
2.    Elastic nonwoven’s classification;
3.    Elastic nonwoven’s data analysis;
4.    Comparison between elastic nonwoven and the elastic product in the market;
5.    Elastic nonwoven’s Application;
6.    Elastic nonwoven’s advantage.